Aul' Dorren

Chapter 1: BogFord Tavern.

The start of our adventures

Our adventurers travelled up north along a narrow path surrounded by dense forest, the sky’s grey blocking out the sun. After travelling for quite some time, our adventures one by one find themselves at the Bogford Tavern, a small establishment 3 hours off of city of Rosehaven.

Our adventurers found it at a busy time, partaking in small talk and drink our hero’s avoided the dense rainfall outside by the warm comforting fire. They learned from a friendly barkeep that the city of Ashcliff to the north had recently gone dark, and that there were rumours of people going missing, especially near the woods.

Our intrepid heroes also met Theon, a dwarf caravan master guarding a young man. As they were getting to know one another, they were rudely interrupted by a pack of vicious undead that attacked tavern and changed the cheer to fear.

The paladin Uhtred rushed out side to meet our undead foes, as well as Jack blasting them with magic from the nearby window, while some of the other hero’s remain skeptical as others rush to the entrance of tavern to back them.



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