Well met adventurer,

I am Uhtred Ollegard a fellow adventurer. We are pleased you have stopped by to check out the Aul’Dorren Campaign Site. As an introduction we’d like to share with you our style of play and our humble beginnings… Our group was formed by non other than Grimley himself (our DM) whom forged us into what we are. What is that you might ask? A ragtag group of players who absolutely love to play Dungeons and Dragons for all aspects of the game with emphasis on Roleplay. We are big fans of Critical Role..(google it to see their youtube videos).

And so we present our humble beginnings..

They walked long throughout out the day each of them with their eyes forward imagining what might lie ahead for them. As the march wore on, the light of day waned and the skies filled with clouds. Distant rumblings could be heard. It would be a miserable night if they could find no place to rest there road sore feet.

Through the mists and tight packed forest they emerged into a clearing as the sky began to empty itself. The sudden biting rain driving them to run to the structure that seemed to appear just as these needed.

The building was old and worn with age. But the lights from within seem to promise a warm welcome. The crooked sign hanging above the entrance proclaimed it as the Bogsford Tavern.

All are welcome….

Aul' Dorren

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